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Anchor a Query using Comunica and Linkchain with Sources from Solid

Connect to MetaMask (Select a testnet)

Note: Requires a configured Metamask wallet - see here

Connect to Solid (optional - only if you want to store data to Solid)

Anchor a Query

Only urls pointing to sources in a Solid pod, that you can access with the logged in Solid account, can be used

(JSON-LD object containing query, sources, results and query plans)

(Metadata for whole-document blockchain verification)

(Metadata for per-quad/triple blockchain verification)

(in local storage)


Specify the Solid Folder to store data to

must end in a '/'

Solid Stored Data

Browser Stored Data      

Date Sources Query Query Result SPARQL Trace Data Anchored Metadata Granular Anchored Metadata

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