Open Blockchain Demo Movies

Demo Movies

Demo Icon Name Duration Click to Watch
ISWS Summer School 2023 Demo help movie 7m 45s
ISWS Summer School 2022 Demo help movie 12m 10s
IoC LinkChain Demo 1 11m 54s
IoC LinkChain Introduction 4m 42s
Exploring Blockcerts 11m 16s
Course Jobs with recommended courses 5m 39s
Moodle Extension 4m 37s
RDF Experiment 3 6m 43s
RDF Experiment 2 7m 30s
RDF Experiment 1 6m 37s
Introduction to our RDF Experiments 2m 20s
Green Data - Solar Panels 3m 46s
H818 Portfolio Experiment 2 3m 32s
H818 Portfolio Experiment 2 Student Help Movie 5m 23s
H818 Portfolio Experiment 2 Student Intro Movie 4m 17s
Course Tutor Reputation 7m 36s
Course Tutor Booking 5m 40s
IOT Sensor data experiment 2m 18s
H818 Portfolio Experiment 1 3m 32s
H818 Portfolio Experiment 1 Student Help Movie 3m 48s
Open Blockchain Research and Vision 9m 46s
Automatic badges Peer Reputation 2m 58s
Claimed badges Peer Reputation 3m 28s
Multi-signature Certificate 2m 50s
Multi-signature Payment 2m 38s
ePortfolio Collections 6m 54s
Evidenced Course 3m 49s
File Encryption 6m 16s
Password Manager 6m 44s
Contract Data Encryption 4m 45s
Simple ePortfolio 4m 22s
OpenLearn Blockchain Badges 5m 39s
Estate Agent Demo 2m 47s
Land Registry Demo 2m 1s
Peer Reputation Demo 1m 29s
Course Student Demo 4m 81s
Course Admin Demo 3m 04s
Uploading Open Badges to the Blockchain 2m 19s
Messenger Demo 1m 39s
File Storer Demo 1m 38s
File Hasher Demo 1m 21s
String Hasher Demo 1m 30s
LightWallet Demo 1m 37s
Conference Demo 1m 14s

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